The basic functionality of the service:

1. Finding top rated games - the games rating

The games rating is one of the feature for which I've created the service. Steam library currently contains several thousand games. In such a mass it is difficult to find a good game, especially those outside the mainstream of AAA or less popular genres. The search allows you to find games for selected parameters such as game type (category, tags), price, popularity among players, release date, and more. In addition, search functionality has a few features not available on similar pages.


Found games are sorted by Steam users reviews, to determine the percentage rate of the game the Wilson pointer is used which promotes game with more reviews. The reviews are read from the Steam platform each month, so we have access not only to the overall game rating, but also you can search for which games were well-rated in the last month, quarter or year. An interesting option is the ability to narrow down the search to selected games popularity, in this case the total number of reviews is taken.

Finding games is difficult because of the excessive number of tags assigned to the game. For example, I am interested in strategy games, searching games on Steam with this tag will return not only the classic strategy games, but also others with such tag like Counter Strike, Payday and other, which are far from strategy genre in my understanding. To solve this I added the ability to choose tags that interest us, but also the tags we don't want.

If the user is logged in using Steam or by entering steam profile name in menu Misc/Profiles, he get additional functionality. Every game in ones library is marked and also wishlist games are appropriately marked. In addition, there is another filter by which we can narrow your search for games in our library, not in library, or on wishlist.

2. Current discounts in the Steam store

The service several times a day connects to the Steam store to retrieve current games prices and prepare a discount list. This feature is particularly useful during large sales like Summer or Winter sale, but also a daily promotion contains a few dozen games. The page presents only games with high rating and significant discount value. Of course, all filters known from search page are available and a few extra are added to find the most interesting discounts.


3. Currently available games bundles

The page displays currently available games bundles. A list of games is shown with rating and other information for currently available bundle from known sites like Humble Bundle, Indiegala, Bundlestars and others. I inform also on Twitter about the new bundles twitter .


4. Search multiple games at once

Another motivation for the creation of the site was the ability to simultaneously search several or even hundreds of games at once by pasting their titles into the search box. This is useful for quick evaluation of the games bundle or games offered for sale by someone who gives you a list of them. In such a case, you need to paste a list of games to the larger search box and then you get a list of games with their basic data: rating, base price, tags, etc., The titles do not need to be given exactly, can be "disrupted" by the price or any other text. This option can be used also for preparing a list of titles that we want to buy or sell. At the top of the page the link is generated. The link can be sent to the person concerned to be able to quickly figure out what is the titles rating, for example:,218090,237930,379720,115800


5. Review of the best games of selected genres

Recently added feature is an overview page that displays information about the top rated games within the selected categories. The page allows us to quickly figure out what games in the category are now the best rated by users. We can choose several predefined ratings that use complex filters (genre / popularity / tags / not-tags), etc. Within predefined rating you can select a game releaese date range to narrow down the results. After click on category title, you can go to the page which present full rating.


Search games

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